Elementa Articles

Elementa team has worked successfully in various fields of construction and engineering, in particular , face multiple challenges when the country's are required structural engineering services, for example, after the earthquake of 2010.

During these years, since our establishment in 2004 , we have developed analytical material for the development of new solutions and innovative search in multiple areas.

Our team has experience in teaching and academic journal publications in Chile and abroad , are leaders in their especialities, into the concept of structural engineering.

Here we present a selection of our items, which will be updated according to the changes and innovations in the area of structural engineering , and the emergence of new solutions for structural safety and integrity of the components.

Items are divided into the following themes:

  • Articles structural reinforcement.
  • Items for industrial revetment.
  • Articles structural repairs.
  • Auscultation articles.
  • Sporting carbon fiber.
  • Articles of Research and Development.