Auscultation of armor of reinforced concrete

radiografía armadura hormigón

Auscultation is a process in which the depth, spacing and dimension of the steel bars embedded in the concrete is detected. This process is performed by a high-tech scanner commonly called "covermeter".

In the construction industry, locating metal rods and pipes, metal reinforcement in concrete structures is essential in the maintenance process and even more in the process of repair and strengthening of structures.

Know the information of bars steel in structure is vital to the engineers in charge of performing the calculation process and review of the structure information.

Moreover, before carrying out any maintenance or repair is vital to identify the location, orientation and thickness of the concrete cover over the reinforcing steel bars.

It is also useful to establish what are the conditions of metal structures and identify potential corrosion.

The detection process of the bars determines the thickness thereof in mm., Spacing and concrete coating. In some special cases may require insertion of a deep probe for detection of the bars at a higher coating.
The scanner is commonly used for identification of in concrete holes, without cut the bars.