Estructural Diagnostic


The structural diagnosis is made for both damaged and undamaged structures and especially to present some uncertainty in their calculation or construction process.

The structural diagnosis is developed as follows:


(see: non-destructive evaluation). Should have information, it must be borne in field for which our company has various instruments to obtain as much detailed information which in turn helps us to present the client in solving optimization.

Analysis and research:

Develop models needed to verify the seismic analysis of the structure, the efforts associated with the charge states. Addition, the potential failure mechanisms or investigated, is to determine the reasons why an item or structure collapses.

Seismic parameters:

Report in which it provides a complete detail of the seismic behavior of the structure, incorporating parameters that control the compliance with current seismic code and additional parameters that seek to minimize the effects of the earthquake on the structure.

Project repair and / or reinforcement:

Final Technical Report, which provides the conclusions of the analysis, along with a final draft of repair and / or reinforcement if required, which seeks to correct or restore the structural capacity of an element or the overall project.