Hilti FerroScan - Steel armor detector

Hilti Ferroscan PS200 para radiografia de hormigon

The Ferroscan Hilti PS200 is a team that creates images of existing steel reinforcement in concrete very similar to an x-ray.

Ferroscan The Hilti PS 200 is widely used in structural projects diagnosis or nondestructive inspections. Principal uses are:

  • -Determination of rebar corrosion or deterioration of the concrete cover.
    -Evaluation of fire protection of steel bars.
    -Technical Inspection diameter steel bars for verification of load change of use of the structure
    -Perforation of concrete quickly and safely

By analyzing the results obtained in the field by our engineers, provides answers to all questions that may exist in the proposed project repair, reinforcement or structural rehabilitation, and counting quickly with all the information.


For a study of sections as in thin walls, comes into use another instrument known as Elcometer 331 for obtaining the same information immediately in the field.