Concrete Scanner

Elcometer deteccion de armadura diametro

Determining the information of existing armor reinforced with concrete elements is very important for a correct diagnosis of the structure.

In a draft structural diagnosis is very important to have as much information related to the existing structure and the elements that compose. We need the main information in a reinforced concrete structure to determine the depth (coating), diameter and spacing (amount) of the steel bars which are located in the concrete.

The covermeter, auscultator or scanner, are available to us to perform a concrete x-ray that allows us to pass on to a plane and then to model all the details that allow us to understand the problem in the structure or steps to apply a reinforcement of carbon fiber .

We currently have two teams for various applications.



En la imagen se puede observar el resultado que entrega el equipo en cuanto a la calidad y fiabilidad de los resultado.