Calculate amounts

Basics for determining amounts and the design of optimized carbon fiber.

During the analysis process in the design of project where you will be using carbon fiber the more importantly determine the justification of why is to be performed such reinforcement, either by:

  • Deficit of steel armor.
  • Poor quality of

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Carbon fiber, complete guide of its qualities and uses.


Is the most effective structures for strengthening systems.

Reinforcement system based structures and bonding SIKA Adcos CFRP Laminates


The SIKA Carbodur and Adcos CARBOSTRIP is a reinforced system to the concrete, wood and steel, consisting of a laminate of high tensile bonding by means

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Advantages of use carbon fiber in beams

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The structural carbon fiber reinforcement in beams increases the flexural strength and cutting element.

Quick and easy, can make this work in confined spaces and often without interrupting the normal operation of the site.

Alternative solutions to this type of reinforcement is adding traditional armor. This procedure is very cumbersome,

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Components of a carbon fiber reinforcement

Reinforcement components and manufacturing a composite material.

What is a composite?

A composite ("composite" or fiber-reinforced polymer FRP) is the result of combining two or more materials in order to obtain a unique combination of properties.

Composite materials have been widely used in the history in order to improve the

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