Carbon fiber, complete guide of its qualities and uses.


Is the most effective structures for strengthening systems.

Reinforcement system based structures and bonding SIKA Adcos CFRP Laminates


The SIKA Carbodur and Adcos CARBOSTRIP is a reinforced system to the concrete, wood and steel, consisting of a laminate of high tensile bonding by means of an adhesive epoxy resin.

The SIKA Carbodur And Adcos CARBOSTRIP system consists of:

Adcos SIKADUR 300 and 300, epoxy resin adhesive for bonding the reinforcement.
Adcos Sika and CFRP formed by a polymeric matrix of reinforced epoxy carbon fiber.

EMPA Test Report nº 154490: Testing the adhesion layer in CFRP Laminates SIKA and Adcos glued to concrete.

Use to:

The SIKA Carbodur and Adcos CARBOSTRIP system are particularly suitable for structural reinforcement elements:

  • Reinforced concrete.
  • Wood.
  • Steel.

 They are shown, particularly, in the case of reinforcements due to:

Increments of load:

  • Increased use loads.
  • Increased heavy traffic on bridges.
  • Installation of heavy machinery in industrial buildings.
  • Structures subjected to vibration.
  • Changes in use of the structure.

Deterioration or damage to the structure:

  • Aging of the materials of the structure.
  • Corrosion of reinforcements with decreased useful sections.
  • Impacts on the structure.
  • Action of Fire.

Improved conditions of service:

  • Decreased arrows and deformations.
  • Armor reduction effort.
  • Decrease the width of cracks.

Changing the structural scheme:

  • Elimination of walls or columns.
  • Opening in floors for installation of elevators, escalators.

Defects in design or construction:

  • Insufficient armor.
  • Defects execution.


  The SIKA Carbodur and Adcos CARBOSTRIP system provides the following advantages:

  • Low weight of the reinforcing material.
  • Available in any length, no gaskets required.
  • Small thicknesses.
  • Transportable rolls, light weight and low volume.
  • The SIKA and CFRP Laminates Adcos not need preparation, are ready for use.
  • Easy overlapping and interweaving of laminates.
  • Economical to apply, requires no equipment or heavy work.
  • Very high strengths.
  • High modulus of elasticity.
  • Excellent resistance to fatigue.
  • It can be coated without preparation.
  • Resistant to alkaline attack.
  • It does not corrode.