Advantages of use carbon fiber in beams

Solucion tradicional de refuerzo estructural con vigas de acero

The structural carbon fiber reinforcement in beams increases the flexural strength and cutting element.

Quick and easy, can make this work in confined spaces and often without interrupting the normal operation of the site.

Alternative solutions to this type of reinforcement is adding traditional armor. This procedure is very cumbersome, plus dirty and slow, as it not only requires chopping and drilling the existing item, you also have to ensure the structure and the whole section of the final work.

More efficiency

The carbon fiber reinforcement, ensures the above and also obtains similar or better results with shorter execution times, which ultimately means less cost to the work.

Moreover, the solution with carbon fiber allows avoiding undesirable solutions such as the addition of new elements such as pillars in the center of the light beam, which has involved the spaces and associated works, such as foundations, anchors, etc..

In the case of post-tensioned, the carbon fiber is much more efficient, because of the high specialization and complexity involved in a traditional reinforcement with steelwork.