Concrete tensile test (debonding)

Concrete Tensile test for the mechanical properties of the substrate.

In order to obtain the greatest possible safety in implementing structural reinforcement with carbon fiber in concrete structures, Elementa Structural Solutions realize a test tensile strength of concrete surfaces (adhesion), which is commonly used to know the mechanical properties of the substrate. Usually performed prior to surface preparation, controlled under the rules ASTM C1583 / C1583M - 04e1

This test is common when is required to strengthen the concrete element with carbon fiber, especially if you are not in good condition and it is not possible to certify the adhesion. Therefore, it requires a joint effort of increased resistance by carbon fiber.

This is the main reason and importance of the test, not only must run a structural reinforcement of excellent properties such as the carbon fiber, also the structural element must meet the minimum resistance.

The test involves placing tensile steel discs over concrete surface, then is coupled to a charging device for effecting traction until failure, the breaking load is recorded and evaluated thereby adhesion of adhesives and carbon fiber.

This same methodology is used as proof of Quality and Certification.

Once completed the installation of all reinforcing elements proceeds with a quality test, which is performed with suitable equipment performing endurance records and subsequent certification.

Final certification includes all the history of our company along with certified applicators, materials used, test results, and general Annexes.