Evaluation of Existing Structures

Diagnostico Estructural

Tests for determining the bearing capacity of existing structures or elements of it, with or without damage.

Comprehensive service focused on providing a complete consulting engineering or structures which have no apparent damage, requiring a thorough review . The most common reasons why this is required are as follows ;

  • Increase in charge due to change of use. Such requirements generally involves minor changes in specific elements .
  • Rule change . Trend strongly required after the last earthquake that forced changes of seismic regulations.
  • Structural damage caused by earthquakes of great magnitude.
  • Rehabilitation of old structures which have no information of its elements and require evaluation for commissioning.
  • Quickly indicate what the maximum load that can withstand this element.
  • First concrete strength is determined by the Hammer Smith in kg/cm2, then a scan or x-ray where the location , diameter and depth of the steel bars are detected is performed.

In the case of the slabs is important to detect the steel bars in the central part of the slab , where the greater effort commonly positive moment is produced and the support of the slab where the negative moment is produced to which the engineer places steel bars known as " Suppes " .

With all the information of the items is possible to generate a model in isolation for determining the maximum load it can withstand.