Polyurea mixed versus pure polyurea

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The polyurea is an anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, non-slip and extremely durable coating, due to its mechanical properties and its chemical qualities; tolerate damages arising various acids and alkaline chemicals and petroleum based products.

Polyurea has an excellent performance and is qualified as a stable membrane leaves bridges and its application is

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Coating solutions obsolete

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Traditional solutions for surface coatings, called preforms, such as asphalt or butyl, are almost obsolete.

At present, the asphalt membranes and fabrics butyl, butyl rubber, among others, there is little that can cope with the continuous solutions such as liquid membranes: Polyurea.

Disadvantages of asphalt membranes.

i) Low quality.


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Increase of corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance in road structures both steel and concrete arming is a problem which consesionarias companies or managers face.

Most of the requests made by our engineers are performed once the structure has section loss of steel bars or steel elements.

The structural carbon fiber reinforcement to retrieve the

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