Calculation of Structural Reinforcement with FRP

Principles of calculation .

  • To calculate the equations of equilibrium of moments and forces.
  • The stress-strain diagrams of concrete and steel are based in Norma EHE or subsequent updates thereof.
  • The stress-strain diagram of CFRP laminate.
  • The deformation of the reinforcement is equal to those of concrete that surrounds it.
  • The CFRP laminate deformations are equal to those of the concrete to which it is attached .
  • The plane sections remain plane after bending.
  • You get to the exhaustion of the materials value of its deformation.
  • Existing efforts and deformations must be considered.

The structure is usually subjected to stresses and strains when the system structural carbon fiber reinforcement is applied. Therefore, the initial strains in concrete and steel should be taken into consideration when making the calculations.