Implementation of the solution with carbon fiber

Ejecución de la solución.



To conditioning of spaces and workplaces is the most critical stage of the whole process of implementation of works defined. This is because it involves the participation of different roles.

The enabling it began with obtaining permits, closure or opening of physical spaces and coordination of all personnel of the client.


Cleaning and scarified

Repairs begin by cleaning the surface of the elements, must reach to the concrete, removing coatings, paint, etc.., to ensure a good bond first structural adhesives, this is done with a sanding concrete who incorporating a dust retention system allowing work environment where you should minimize the amount of airborne dust.


Implementation of the solution

The application of the proposed solution for Engineering and accepted by the customer will be made by staff ELEMENTA certified Authorized Installers who meet the proper training and education, all overseen by business professionals.


Quality testing and certification

Once the installation process of the reinforcing elements proceeds with a quality test, which is performed with suitable equipment to performing endurance records and subsequent certification.
Final certification includes all the background of the company along with certified applicators, materials used, test results, and general Annexes.