Metal plates, is not optimal Solution of structural reinforcement

Viga metalica de refuerzo estructural

The use of metal plates as structural reinforcement is very common, however, the placement of the carbon fiber greatly minimizes the interference of the element, this is because the booster is external, resulting in a faster execution.

Additionally, there are visual changes or changes in architecture. This is quite important, because, what is sought is only increase the tensile strength of the structural member, either to bending, shear and confinement, and aesthetically not affect the environment.

Here are some solutions that can meet the strength requirements, but not his physical appearance and serviceability.


As a solution a steel beam is placed for providing extra strength needed for proper operation. Clearly this solution affects the surrounding décor.

Metal plates and beams structural reinforcement

In the present parking another example of flexural reinforcement of a beam, which is operated on the basis of the place, which is to grant a clear transit, which is interrupted by underpinning the beam profiles shown.

Pletinas Metalicas y vigas de refuerzo estructural

If we compare the solutions presented above with a structural carbon fiber reinforcement as shown below, it can immediately visualize the negative effects of structural reinforcement with metal plates or metal beams compared to carbon fiber with additional problems.
Generates not only changes in dimensions of the elements, also the extra weight
that incorporated the entire structure.
Finally, implementing carbon fiber generates huge savings in installation time and ease because it is not necessary to remove any element, pipe or duct installed as compared with solutions based on metal plates.


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