The structural reinforcement with carbon fiber into a beam, post-tensioned or prestressed, is widely used to perform a load increment or repair a product of a beam which resulted in the cutting of pre and post-tensioned solution.

By using carbon fibers used to restore the cut steel cord, it is possible to return to the beam its bearing capacity or even increase. The design and implementation of the solution strengthening with carbon fiber structure for prestressed beams can be implemented in a short time, minimizing downtime transit or production processes of industries and mining operations.


Detalle de viga pretensada impactada por grua con corte de cables postensados

Problem to Solve.

A crane boom struck the prestressed beams, destroying much of the first beam and injuring the other three beams.

The accident occurred several cutting trusses had to be replaced by carbon fiber reinforcement is cut

Solucion de refuerzo estructural de viga pretensada con fibra de carbono Sika Wrap

Proposed Solution.

The beam was replaced completely.

Interior beams with carbon fiber Adcos Carbotex were repaired.
Anti shock defenses were added to avoid cutting the fibers.

 Detalle de viga postensada reemplazada debido a impacto

Customer Benefits

Minimal disruption of traffic.
All items were recovered safely.
Safety beams was improved by adding protective elements.