Reinforcing concrete units with carbon fiber

The carbon fiber is vital when you want to correct the deficiencies in a structure generated during the design or construction, load increase, modification or removal of structural elements; and is also usable when you want to change the structure because of the rules, increasing the bearing capacity of the element.

The traditional elements are strengthening beams, walls, columns and slabs; however, the nodes also have the need to be reinforced.

The knots present a very complex when you want to reinforce. In these cases, it is proposed as an alternative to make a traditional screed in the given concrete and increase its resistance.
If necessary the confine, remains complex, since it is necessary to remove the unconfined concrete to place the corresponding reinforcement mats.

However, Elementa offers a lot more quickly, effectively and without altering too much the industry solution, this is through a system called Kovayashi using the carbon fiber mat.

Kovayashi System.

This construction procedure is to drill in the beam-column intersection to enter the carbon fiber is pre-coiled to form a chain.
When Out of the hole, it opens like a fan and adheres to the walls of the column spliced ​​with carbon fiber reinforces