Reinforced with double steel mesh

Reinforcement with Double mesh steel or carbon fiber?


Strengthening double steel mesh in slabs, walls and beams, is widely used by engineers, when requirements which must be reinforced walls or slabs are presented. The method to use for this type of reinforcement is extremely cumbersome since it consists in injecting perpendicular bars in the concrete; the first problem is that in the drilling process, can cut the existing steel mesh weakening element.

When injected the steel bars that hold the mesh, bend the bars protruding in order to hold the new mesh is positioned. This same process is extremandamente difficult, especially if the diameters of the steel bars are great.

Finally, the process is completed either by applying shotcrete on the surface or by other tecnics we know.

However, given the problems and difficulties of implementation of double steel mesh, the most effective option is the structural carbon fiber reinforcement, it is a simple job and especially effective, mainly because the result of reinforcing mesh steel creates a lot of uncertainty.
Finally, if we consider the execution time, the structural carbon fiber reinforcement is superior in all respects to the structural reinforcement with double steel mesh.