Structural reinforcement is defined as the modification of a structure, not necessarily damaged, in order to increase their bearing capacity in relation to the initial conditions.

The need for reinforcement in a bridge or viaduct can be motivated by different causes : a change of use to an increase in requests under the original project, decreased resistance capacity caused by the degradation of the materials or action accidental type , errors or performance project that does not offer security against solicitations previews.


Our company has extensive experience in the structural reinforcement of bridges, the design part in the initial stage with the lifting of the dimensions of the structure and evaluation of the steel bars , for which we use an MRI scanner that allows us determining the diameter and depth of the reinforcing bar which avoids performing a load test on the bridge .

Reasons reinforcement
The reasons may be due to the follow factors:

- Corrosion of reinforcements.
- Corrosion of prestressing cables.
- Increased traffic loads.
- Defects in project.
- Changes in regulations and specifications
- Excessive Cracking of concrete
- Prevention of damage by earthquakes

Materials Used

FRP fabrics. Fabrics with an unidirectional or bidirectional orientation, based in carbon fiber, fiber glass or aramid. Used primarily to prevent damage from earthquakes and shear reinforcement. CFRP laminates.
Laminated carbon fiber: manufactured by a pultrusion process in which the precise characteristics are obtained homogeneous materials. Mainly used for bending and shear reinforcement in structures subjected to dynamic loads such as bridges.

Adcos Solutions for:

Reinforcements to bending:
-Laminates Adcos Carbostrip, CFRP.
-Prestressed-rolled Adcos Carbostrip.
-Fabrics FRP Adcos Carbotex.
Refuerzo de flexion con fibra de carbono en puentes
With shear reinforcement:
-Laminates Adcos Carbostrip, CFRP.
-Woven FRP Adcos Carbotex.
Refuerzo de corte con fibra de carbono en puentes
Preventing damage from earthquakes:
-Fabrics FRP Adcos Carbotex.
Refuerzo de pilas con fibra de carbono en puentes

Losa de puente con problemas de flexion

Problem to Solve

Loss of flexural strength of a tile bridge by corrosion of the existing armor.

Aplicacion de fibra de carbono en losa de puente

Proposed Solution

Flexural reinforcement with carbon fiber mats recovering the optimal operating condition Adcos Carbotex.

Losa de puente reforzada estructuralmente con fibra de carbono

Beneficios para el Cliente

Solución inmediata al problema ante la necesidad de habilitar el paso en período de alta demanda vehicular.

Velocidad en la ejecución, los trabajos fueron realizados en solo un día.   


Imagen activa

Problem to Solve

A crane boom struck the prestressed beams destroying much of the first and damaging the other three beams.

Imagen activa

Proposed Solution

Beam was replaced
Interior beams were repaired with Adcos Carbotex
Anti shock defenses were added to avoid cutting the fibers

Imagen activa

Customer Benefits

Low traffic interruption
All items were recovered safely
Security of beams was improved by adding protective elements

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