Solution to low resistance results with concrete

Solucion baja resistencia hormigon

For projects where the results of concrete strength are lower than the specified there is a new alternative reinforcement . Moreover, for more extreme cases where the number of results that are beyond the acceptable average are many, is necessary evaluate structural reinforcement to correct low concrete strength .

To obtain an approximate value of the compressive strength of a concrete element Smith hammer test was used . However, it is desirable to have more accurate information as obtained by compression tests performed by certified laboratories.

After obtaining the results the amount of carbon fiber required is determined, and if it have the strength required by the project.

In these cases the design of structural carbon fiber reinforcement is able to solve the problem of low strength concrete , greatly surpassing the alternative of demolition and the applied of a new concrete element .

Usually, the objective is to correct by deficits in strength of concrete elements, especially in walls and slabs .