Advantages of use carbon fiber in pillars

Refuezo de confinamiento en pilar circular

The carbon fiber reinforcement in columns, is performed to complement efforts: pure compression, and cutting flexocompresión.

In the case of the pure compression, the carbon fiber reinforcement increases the axial capacity of the column by confining this. This technique allows replacement of traditional techniques such as screed pillars, which has a high cost of implementation, until 10 times longer than a solution with carbon fiber.

Similar than the shear reinforcement in the abutment, the placement technique of the carbon fiber is a great alternative, than the placing metal plates , which not only increase the weight of the overall structure , and in certain solution is simply unfeasible .

On the other hand, a carbon fiber reinforcement , will always keep the original dimensions of the element , so that its implementation does not mean reduced spaces or aesthetic changes , so it can be applied to the inside and facades.