In concrete beams can be increased allowable load with incorporating a structural carbon fiber reinforcement. For these cases the use of structural carbon fiber reinforcement allows:

  • Increase resistance to bending stresses.
  • Increasing resistance to shear.
  • Retrieve design strength of armor.
  • Increase the stiffness of the beam produced less deformation under live loads.
  • Increased lifetime for reducing cracked section, which further increases the corrosion resistance.
  • Maintains the original dimensions of the beam.
  • Lower cost associated with the project full reinforcement compared with an alternative solution.

Beams Mall

Viga con refuerzo estructural para flexion y corte


For purposes of an architectural change in the position of a metal ladder, support conditions and loading for existing committed beams were modified.





Viga de hormigon reforzada con fibra de carbono


Flexural reinforcement with carbon fiber sheets and with cut reinforcing carbon fiber, both reinforced braces placed adjacent to the support in which the change occurred.




Detalle de refuerzo estructural en viga con fibra de carbono


Implementation of reinforcement in a day, direct benefit for a work that was at the limit of the time opening.

The existence of pipelines and existing pipelines in the area of reinforcement not a difficulty with the ease of placement of material and expertiz of our certified applicators.

The traditional solution would have taken three times as long as it would have been necessary to uninstall and reinstall those teams.



Preparacion de viga para refuerzo estructural


Changing load conditions for beams, due to the incorporation of ATMs on them. Also, being an ancient structure, do not have original structure drawings.



reforzamiento de flexion y corte con fibra de carbono



Reinforcing beams using a combination of carbon fiber wrap and fabric, which provide the necessary strength to resist increases in flexural and shear generated by the new charge state resistance.




Detalle de reforzamiento estructural con fibra de carbono



Implementation no intervened normal operation, as the work was done after hours customer care and in just 8 hours.

The original architectural design remained, avoiding placing an intermediate pillar.