Rehabilitation of Bridges and Footbridges

Reparación puenteRehabilitatión bridgeOjos de Agua, Los Andes.

The rehabilitation in structures by the degradation or decreased resistance capacity.

The road infrastructure is continuously degraded and loses its structural capacity over time, high intensity earthquakes and earthquakes, etc..;

This degradation affects over time in the strength capacity of the structure, which will decrease as the reinforced concrete elements lose their coating, armor cracks and rust.

Repair and reinforcement by the norm change or increased stress.

Similarly, if there is a change in policy design, is required adjust the conditions of the structure to the new demands.

Changes in policy design: international standard AASHTO and Chilean regulations, Manual Road, General Considerations for the Design of Bridges, among others. Check out online gambling Canada top sites on!

ElementaBDL, with its team of experts offers the best alternative in the market in the use of carbon fiber reinforcements, with extensive experience in road infrastructure and rehabilitation of bridges, restoring its strength according to the original design. Contact our specialists for more information.

Procedure for the repair and / or strengthening of bridges and walkways on roads.

The delivered by our company to design solutions bridge repair and recovery service considers the following aspects:

• Search Service flat structure in the MOP (*).

• Visits to field engineers.

• Structural analysis of the current status of the bridge and damaged items.

• Project to repair damaged items.

• Adoption of draft compensation by the MOP (*).

Bibliography: Bridge Design Manual. Author: José Bellido de Luna, General Manager ElementaBDL.