Contaminated concrete repair

The contaminated concrete has always been a challenge in repairing, whose traditional solution is the element demolition and rebuilding of this.

In most cases, the contamination results generate in increased corrosion in the steel rods with the consequent loss of section of the steel bars or detachment of concrete.


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Deformation or deflection in slabs and beams

Solutions for the deformation in slabs and beams.

In many cases, the lack of armor in a beam or slab reinforced concrete element, causing cracks that eventually result in higher allowable deformations .

These deformed elements generally require fillers to rematerialise horizontality of the surface , leading to increased dead

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Repair beams by shocks

Failure to comply with the maximum height regulations on highways, repeatedly causing shocks to the beams of bridges, often leaving the bridge with limited or no operation.

According to the magnitude of the impact is the type of repair to perform. For collisions with only minor release of material or

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Design Of rehabilitation of Bridges and Footbridges

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Procedure for design and implementation of repair bridges and walkways on roads .

The delivered by our company to design solutions bridge repair and recovery service considers the following aspects :

  • Search service plans in the MOP structure (* ) .
  • Visits to field engineers .
  • Structural analysis of the

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