Design Of rehabilitation of Bridges and Footbridges

Reposicion de cables postensados y armaduras en puente

Procedure for design and implementation of repair bridges and walkways on roads .

The delivered by our company to design solutions bridge repair and recovery service considers the following aspects :

  • Search service plans in the MOP structure (* ) .
  • Visits to field engineers .
  • Structural analysis of the current status of the bridge and damaged items .
  • Project to repair damaged items .
  • Adoption of draft compensation by the MOP ( **) .
  • ( * ) : If the planes are not at the MOP , require additional project for structural diagnosis , in which the geometric structure lifting auscultation existing armor and concrete strength tests included 

(** ) : Once the repair project approved by MOP budget be sent by the execution of the repair of the bridge elements , because the MOP may request changes to the design.