Reparation con FRP

Reparation FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer )

Attributed to the structural reinforcement elements to correct abnormalities caused by deficiencies in project and bearing capacity by an increase in the design actions or a change of use.

There may be special conditions very different from each other, when it comes to concrete structures damaged .

Broadly, in this case refers to the application of carbon fibers for structural reinforcement is done .

In the market for concrete industry , in addition to the already well known and used water-reducing admixtures , curing accelerators or retardants , waterproofing integral or entraining air , among several others . There are also sheets or plates of polymer carbon fiber reinforced (CFRP ) , which have been specifically designed to assist in strengthening problems of reinforced concrete structures ( even if can also be used in wood structures ) .

Some of these sheets in the market , often known as Carbostrip , which is widely used by our company. They can be applied , because of the very high strength of the carbon fibers , for repairing damaged structures , as it could happen in some cases by vehicle impact as in the case of bridges and road structures ; or for damage caused by earthquake or some other event , or just by aging or modifications required by the structural system .

Plates carbon fiber structural reinforcement are applied with an adhesive such as epoxy type and said plates are thin and flexible placement is facilitated ; however, it is advisable to previously conduct a study by an expert engineer in order to determine whether the reasons explained above , is applicable to that particular regard to the problem , and if so, set the detailed construction procedure correspondingly, in which you should take into account the preparation of the surface on which the carbon fiber reinforced plate is placed , as well as to conduct a thorough review of cracks, fractures and / or concrete desportillamientos .

It is convenient to remember that a failure of a structure, in many cases it may be an opening that exposes the reinforcing steel , which is an opportunity that allows direct review to verify , where appropriate , the possible degree of corrosion existing . In problems of damaged structures , it is recommended that the importance of checking the safety factors for the operation thereof will never forget .