Contaminated concrete repair

The contaminated concrete has always been a challenge in repairing, whose traditional solution is the element demolition and rebuilding of this.

In most cases, the contamination results generate in increased corrosion in the steel rods with the consequent loss of section of the steel bars or detachment of concrete.

A very fast solution to execute and that solves the problem of decreased amount of steel product from contamination of the concrete is the use of structural carbon fiber reinforcement: the solution is to determining the amount of loss or replace steel and shall be covered by the carbon fiber. Our engineers take this request and perform the optimized structural design with carbon fiber reinforcement and determining the amount of carbon fiber to"replace" the existing steel.

This is a solution to the contaminated concrete, it is easy to run in much less time, allowing you to extend the life of the reinforced concrete structure.

This solution has been implemented in ports and bridges with excellent results.