Team Elementa

Our staff is made up of engineers and structural designers, next to a field experienced staff, led by their respective area coordinators.


General Manager 

Civil Engineer: José A. Bellido de Luna

Experience Teaching and research with several publications in the areas of design elements and pre-tensioned, structural repairs and reinforcements with carbon fiber in civil works projects.


It is a leader in the area of structural engineering at the national level, for lifetime achievement in engineering projects and civil works, mining infrastructure and heritage works.


Rodney Bellido de Luna, Gerente Comercial

Commercial Manager

Civil Engineer: Rodney Bellido de Luna

Analyst of value chain in many consulting companies. Knows and design several mathematical applications for structural engineering.
Today, is the projects manager for the development of business lines related consulting services in structural engineering.

Juan Pablo Donoso, Director de Proyectos

Project Manager

Civil Engineer: Juan Pablo Donoso Manieu

Specialist in diagnosis, repair and rehabilitation of structures with advanced technology such as carbon fiber, with outstanding work in projects managed in the period of the great earthquake of 27 February 2010.


Associate Engineer

Mohamed Nimer

Specialist soil mechanics and structural design, with outstanding work in civil works and mining industry


Projects Coordinator

Engineer of construction: Juanita Guzman Aravena

Projects Coordinator in the company BDL, administrator of the areas of structural review, records and principal in charge of quality management.