Elementa Proyects

The task force has worked with excellence, since its inception in 2004, on projects related to the areas of industry, mining, heritage buildings, public buildings, office buildings, residential buildings and others projects structural rehabilitation.

The structural rehabilitation is related to situations of recovery of the resistance of the structure in places where safety is compromised due to the continuing degradation of its elements.

In response to the growing need of repair or rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures, there are new technologies structural reinforcement, between which the polymer fiber reinforced high-strength carbon (CFRP) are a real alternative to the construction industry given the cost-benefit ratio, ease of installation and unparalleled mechanical properties in the market.

Within these structures enter those categorized as heritage buildings, where structural reinforcement with carbon fiber FRP represents the best and only alternative structural rehabilitation without affecting the appearance and shape of the structure and its elements.

We invite you to learn about the projects in which we have participated, which we distributed in the following categories:

  • Industrial Projects.
  • Housing Project.
  • Projects Public Buildings.
  • Road Infrastructure Projects.
  • Trade sector projects.