Post-tensioned slab reinforcement by increased load in Mall Plaza

mall plaza alameda 1.jpg

Problem to Solve

Required increase in load 250 kg/m2 Post tensioned slab for the third underground parking and cellar of Falabella.

mall plaza alameda 2.jpg

Proposed Solution

454 m2 of carbon fiber wrap as a reinforcement material in the whole area of the slab was used. On the other hand, had to protect the second underground floor from abrasion caused by vehicular traffic using a low viscosity epoxy.

mall plaza alameda 3.jpg

Customer Benefits

Clean and minimally invasive solution, was applied without the need to remove other services or structures.
The fiber once placed can be covered with paint or stucco and going unnoticed.
There was no need to incorporate any other elements, the original architectural design isnt was altered or dropped ceiling level.

 Imagen activa Cliente Mall Plaza, Obra Mall Plaza Alameda. Santiago Centro

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Enlaces de interés:

Elementos Pre y Postensados, Manual de Diseño. Autor: José Bellido de Luna, Gerente General ElementaBDL.