Reinforcement Concrete Slabs in Falabella

The structural reinforcement with FRP is very effective in the repair and strengthening of slabs and roofs. Because the moment capacity of the slab or deck is due to the resulting combination of the tensile and compression. In most cases, the deck or slab has sufficient resistance to compression and requires structural reinforcement only in the positive time. Among the most important advantages for structural reinforcement with carbon fiber slabs are the following:

  • Increased flexural strength of both positive and negative.
  • Increased stiffness and slab product reducing deformations service loads.
  • Reduction cracked section for durability.
  • Applying a fraction of the structural reinforcement in the slab surface can be sufficient to strengthen the whole slab.
  • Once reinforced slab maintains the original dimensions.
  • Less than the cost of any alternative solution.

Losa postensada en estacionamiento


Problem to Solve

Required to increase the load on 250 kg/m2 in a post-tensioned slab, corresponding to the third underground parking and cellar Falabella

Refuerzo con fibra de carbono en momento positivo

Proposed Solution

Carbostrip Adcos 454 m2 were used as reinforcing material in the entire area of the slab. On the other hand, had to protect the second underground floor from abrasion caused by vehicular traffic, using Sikafloor161, which is a low viscosity primer.

Detalle de refuerzo de losa postensada momento positivo


Customer benefits


Clean and minimally invasive solution was applied without the need to remove other services or structures. The fiber once placed, can be covered with paint or stucco, going unnoticed. There was no need to incorporate any other element.


The structural reinforcement in slabs can increase the load of a slab of reinforced, prestressed and post-tensioned quickly and economically, especially in cases where a change of use of the structure is made concrete.