Increased Loads in Beams at SVS


The need for a space for storing documents required the addition of several full space on the slab. This new state of charge, not considered from the outset in the design of the slab, causes an increase in the asylum efforts, which exceeded the strength capacity of the elements.





  Refuerzo con fibra de carbono en ambas direcciones de una losa cuadrada  


Structural reinforcement carbon fiber unidirectional fabric using flexural designed. For square slab reinforcement is arranged in both directions and reinforcements are placed in a working direction for slabs in a single direction. Furthermore, longitudinal beams arranged reinforcement.




   Refuerzo a flexión en una viga perforada

Benefit to the client

Increased strength capacity in the reinforced zone, allowing the installation of full space.

The intervention of the sky level facilities previously incorporated into the slab, as cooling pipes, electric pipes, refrigeration etc was minimized.

The installation of the reinforcement was performed in only one week.




   Detalle de refuerzo en viga principal