Increase height with structural reinforcement in school

 Situacion sin refuerzo estructural viga metalica existente  

Problem to Solve

Due to the educational use of the building, it became necessary to eliminate double G metal steel beam 40 cm in height, which crosses the middle of the top slab of the enclosure, reducing the effective height and presenting disadvantages for municipal approval.





 Viga metalica eliminada y refuerzo con fibra de carbono


Proposed Solution

Removed the metal beam and structural carbon fiber reinforcement as shown in the figure, with the aim of recovering the original capacity of the slab is arranged also considering structural slab working configuration changed from one to two directions .





 Incremento de altura util con el uso de fibra de carbono  

Customer Benefits

The necessary conditions were obtained for the municipal approval for the site.

The Height arquitecture was recovered.

The work was performed in only four days, so that the work schedule of the work was not interrupted. It also keep the deadlines for the start of the school year.

The solution was clean, fast and aesthetically compatible with what was needed.



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