Confining reinforcement in a new seat in Scuola Italiana

Vista de la nueva sede de la scuola Italiana  

Problem to Solve


It required a complete structural reinforcement work with carbon fiber in 16 beams located in one of the buildings belonging to the complex comprising the new modern headquarters of the Scuola Italiana.







Colocación de primera capa pegamento epoxico  

Proposed solution

Carbon fiber blankets were used, providing to each pillar a confinement 5 layers each sandwiched by a high quality epoxy resin, which ensures perfect adhesion between concrete and carbon fiber. Finally, the last layer was "sprayed" with fine sand so as to provide the bridge necessary for placement of the coating adhesion.




Confinamiento de pilares scuola Italiana  

Customer Benefits

Clean and minimally invasive solution, although they were already placed windows could be strengthened, without the need to remove them to avoid unnecessary delays.
The project was carried out in just two days, helping the builder not to modify its original programming and therefore meet the deadlines of the work, which would not be possible to run a traditional solution.