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Description of services ElementaBDL, Structural Solutions:

In cases where you need to rehabilitate a damaged structure, ie take her original function level or higher, including durability and strength; either reinforce a structure for change of use, occupancy, capacity or function; or simply repair defective structural components, damaged, degraded or damaged, the company performs complete service.

To date we have repaired over 12,000 m2 for customers with applications from diverse backgrounds, owners, builders, TESt, etc. And the services have been used in Bridges, Highways, Parkings, Building Houses, Offices, Banks, Hotels, Multi shops, schools, storage of Silos, mining facilities, etc..

We have a validated process quality, wich enables us to achieve an exceptional level of expertise.

Refuerzo estructural con fibra de carbono, proceso

Background issue

The start of any structural repair must start with the collection of the maximum available information, about original project structures, changes in work annotated, as-built drawings, etc. with subsequent amendments.
The company has service scanner for capture the more precise structural details, to have greater security about the antecedents. Thus, will be delivered the best solution from the point of view of the engineering department .

Analysis and diagnosis

At the initial stage of diagnosis and preliminary analysis ELEMENTA Structural Solutions, defines the elements and sectors to be included in the rehabilitation project, repair or strengthening the structures as appropriate.

Regular sessions with structural design professionals allow to discuss about the best alternative.

Structural Design Solution

The structural solution typically defined using materials and techniques, Adcos Chile give us security for its features, reliability and speed.

The most commonly used materials are Carbon Fiber and products like Adcos Carbotex, Adcos Carbostrip in combination with epoxy primers, Stretch, cables, etc . The combination of these, distribution, amount, is part of the structural solution which varies from case to case.

All solutions provided by the engineering area are optimized as much as possible, always thinking about the final project cost to execute.

The final design of the solution is delivered with partial planes with memory calculation, with the sole purpose of validation by the principal engineers of the work.

Once the design and the solution is validated by the client requirements to deliver the scaling and the final cost of the project implementation.