Carbon Fiber for reinforcements and repairs

carbon fiber

The structural reinforcement with carbon fiber refers to the use of carbon fiber elements similar to that of the steel bars of the mode structure ; ie complementing longitudinal steel bars the drivable area or cutting stirrups , always considering that the carbon reinforcing ability is unidirectional in the direction of the fibers , depending on the type of fiber being used, commonly known woven carbon fiber or Adcos Carbotex SikaWrap but whose layout is unidirectional bidirectional type configurations are used .

Convieniente consider is the fact that the carbon fiber laminates exhibit good mechanical characteristics far superior to those of the concrete and the steel, so that in most cases the success of reinforcement is determined more by the state and preparation of the support element 3 itself by carbono.Existen case types .

  • repair
  • rehabilitation
  • reinforcement


carbon fiber fabrics
The most common uses are:

  • Increased ability to live loads in buildings and bridges, homes to hospitals, roof slabs in buildings, etc. .
  • Seismic reinforcement of structural elements such as columns, walls etc. unreinforced masonry .
  • Repair of large diameter pipes to achieve reinforcement and permeability.
  • Repair damaged structural components due to aggressive environmental conditions , fire, vehicle impact , aging, etc. .
  • Changes in the structural system : new openings in the slab , demolition of existing walls , holes, etc. .
  • Corrigendum design or construction : steel reinforcing rods placed wrongly , inadequate superelevation , etc.