Research and development


Our company has an outstanding track record in the construction market, with implementing engineering solutions based on structural repairs and reinforcements with carbon fiber, being a leader in researching new applications and methodological developments; areas that present new challenges for our team of engineers.

A lo largo de nuestra historia, el foco es el desarrollo de nuevas soluciones que nos obligan a investigar en todas las áreas relacionadas con la ingeniería, que en última instancia conduce a la aplicación de nuevas metodologías y nuevos servicios.


The area of ​​structural strengthening with carbon fiber extension is created as a result of years of research and development at universities both within and outside the country. Which favors the entry field of engineering and construction technology applied tip.

In this sense, we provide a full service design, implementation and certification, led by specialists in the area of structural carbon fiber reinforcement areas.

ElementaBDL in its aim to innovate to contribute to the development of the industry, project management promotes entrepreneurship as well as supporting the design of new methodologies and tools for the effective application in the field of civil engineering structural and civil works.