Industrial Revetment

We analyze the specific requirements of each client, delivering products with high quality standards in areas such as mining, industry and commerce solutions.

Our services in the area of coatings are:



Polyurea coating


Polyurea coating is anti-abrasive, non-corrosive, non-slip, waterproof, 500% elongation, 100% antibacterial and high durability and immediate start. Applicable on all surfaces, especially those requiring a high demand for use as maintenance workshops mining, mining facilities in general, water ponds and pools, parking facilities, processes, etc..


Truck shop Codelco

Epoxy Coating and puliuretano

It is one of the most widely used coatings in industrial and commercial areas due to its versatility, presentation, and easy maintenance. Ideal for industrial floors, shopping centers, corridors and technical processes, laboratories and hospital facilities.

His qualities of durability, solvent-free, waterproof, fast curing and commissioning. It also has a high abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.




Polished concrete


Service termination concrete (SuperfloorTM), delivering bright, clean and easy maintenance surfaces.


Concrete polishing service, even surfaces without irregularities or traces of paintings, or to deliver the required surface profile coating for later delivery.


We have the tools and technology for the effective implementation of their siding projects.


Proyectos en revestimientos industriales:

Revestimiento Poliurea en Truck Shop CODELCO.