Polished Concrete Floor

Polished concrete floor

Polished Concrete is undoubtedly the most important alternative story developed over the past 10 years. The upper surface of the concrete or grout is removed and then is applied a penetrating hardener .

The result is a surface that is highly reflective , beautiful , durable, abrasion resistant , environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Today it is one of the preferred areas in industrial projects.

Polished concrete has become the floor of choice in airports , churches, schools , factories , distribution centers , sports complexes, theaters , office buildings , department stores , hardware stores, in short, any place that a beautiful and durable floor is desired.

It is suitable for new construction and remodeling .

The Polished concrete offers significant and real benefits for the floor of your business or industry.

ELEMENTABDL work with you personally to obtain these important benefits .

  1. Features a polished concrete.

    a) Brightness:

    One of the most important factors in creating a floor is brightness , since it conveys immediate feelings of cleanliness, quality , and aesthetics. Reduces maintenance costs because no dust.

    b ) mechanical qualities :

    There is no carpeting, and the area is the same as the base which prevents chipping and damage repair product on the floor. It also has a high resistance to wear to ensure a long life.

    c ) Marks in soil:

    Frequent traffic environments such as warehouses and parking, is usual to see marks on the floor and torn fragments of coatings. These marks are difficult to clean and require continuous repair costs. Polished concrete with no marks occur on the ground, or the surface is damaged .

    d ) Cleaning and maintenance:

    Another major advantage of a polished concrete is its ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance costs.

    e) The color :

    Concrete can be colored with dye crowd . Pavement can burn the logo of the company.


  1. Qualities.

    Soil is Achieved with excellent mechanical properties:

    • the noise level is reduced.

    • There are brands.

    • High wear resistance.


    The method for polishing and concrete pavement restoration.


    a) Elimination of coatings and soft parts of the ground.

    b) The blank Provides a flat and smooth surface.

    c) Impregnation silicate to harden the surface.

    d) to the finish Polished Natural glow of the concrete.

    e) A functional, durable and ecological level.

    f) Allows Greatly reduces maintenance costs, not generate dust.


    April. Polishing machine great performance and speed.

Himon - T9


- Features:

Diameter: 750 mm.

RPM: 100 - 1800

Water tank: 30L

Weight: 200 kg.

  • The system is adjustable speed of 100 RPM to 1800 RPM.
  • Prepare concrete surfaces for epoxy coatings.
  • Dry operation is integrated with the water system and the delivery of wet vacuum connection hole.
  • Polished concrete, marble and granite with the various grits of metal diamond blades and resin.
  • Rotation in the opposite direction.
  • Adjustable handle 180 ° forward or backward for operator comfort.
  • The main body of an electric motor can be separated from the means of transport.
    * With its 750 mm. and 200 kg greater flatness is achieved.

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