Structural Repairs


We have techniques and technology to restore the structural capacity of any element with accidental damage , corrosion or deterioration caused by weather .

We use epoxy or cementitious mortar high strength and rapid setting . Our experience allows us to select the best product according to the needs of each project.

The concrete repair allows reconstruct the volume of concrete damaged, extending the life of deteriorated structures by time or by type of use , adapting to the times of

shutdowns and reduced execution spaces .


Reinforcement corrosion is the more traditional case of repair , since the loss of the same section decreases the strength capacity of the element.

Injection of cracks and crevices can return the damaged items to monolithic , preventing further damage by corrosion or trusses collapse .

Our equipment airless injection pressure injections allow us to run both slabs, walls , beams, etc. .


Ensuring penetration and epoxy resin with a high level of security .

Control of leaks by injecting polyurethane, used to stop leaks in concrete elements against field as mine tunnels , pools .

For repair of roads, parking slabs or floors are generally damaged by the action of overloads.



We use high strength products and fast curing (1 hour) allowing immediate start, excellent condition, low viscosity adhesive that allows us to work in the most varied environmental conditions.

Applicable for both repairing cracks or large areas of damaged pavement.

Our company has special products for bonding flexible expansion joints, construction joints or slabs approach, maintaining the flexibility required element.